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Persönliche Signierung Ihrer Stimmgabel
We need about 14 days for a personal signature on the tuning fork.

Tuning forks for Aurists and neurologists, musician and physicist

We keep tradition since 1884 as a family company in producing of tuning forks.

We supply over 200 different kinds of tuning forks designed specially for ear, nose and throat specialists, Aurists, Neurological Purposes, alternative practitioners. Quality exclusively "Made in Germany"

Our best-selling tuning forks

Tuning fork 440 Hz

Tuning fork with base a1 440 Hz

The AB-084 tuning fork with base is...
Manufacturer:A. Barthelmes
Set of cosmical tuning forks

Tuning Fork Set - 3 Tuning Forks

Select 3 Tuning Forks
Manufacturer:A. Barthelmes
Tuning fork a1 = 440 Hz with resonance case

Tuning fork a1 = 440 Hz

with resonance case and striking ha...
Manufacturer:A. Barthelmes
Tuning Fork pattern Rydel Seiffer

Rydel Seiffer tuning fork - C 64 Hz / c 128 Hz

Rydel Seiffer tuning fork, C 64 Hz ...
Manufacturer:A. Barthelmes
musical tuning fork set

Musical Tuning Fork - 440 Hz

The classic musical tuning fork. We...
Manufacturer:A. Barthelmes

Clamp (damper) white for Rydel Seiffer Tuning Fork

white clamp
Manufacturer:A. Barthelmes
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